[Coral-List] Endangered Species??

David Obura dobura at cordioea.net
Tue Sep 17 07:50:27 EDT 2013

Hi John,

this topic was debated at length when we prepared IUCN's submission on the listing, as clearly coral taxonomy is in flux. Having a quick look at the papers sent by Daphne and Bill, its clear that there is no single answer to the general question, as name changes and innaccuracies can be due to a host of different reasons. However to your specific example, where a well-recognized species undergoes a naming revision and the paper-trail of taxonomic bureaucracy is in place (and that is what the legal bureaucracy excels in finding isn't it?), there should be no weakening of protection afforded via the old name.  (but don't quite me on that!)

best, David

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