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Peter, If you say you asked me to write for Reef Reminiscences you are 
probably right. I just don't remember but then again I forget a lot of 
things. Its is a good read and it would have been great to have the 
reminiscences of Bob Ginsburg since he predates and saw more than most 
of us. I suspect the general lack of response from geologists is due to 
the long standing tension between Biologists and Geologists. Geology is 
often associated with exploitation of natural resources. Biologists on 
the other hand do not get blamed when fishermen exploit the living 
resources they study. I saw the bias when biologists were getting all 
the attention and funding when Florida reefs first became a research 
issue. That observation encouraged me to published a story titled, "No 
Rocks, No Water, Ecosystem." I was trying to bring attention to the 
disparity. Now I am stuck with that signature statement when the one I 
like best is, "When you are on the wrong train every stop is the wrong 
stop." Many I think have gotten on the wrong train and can not find a 
graceful way off. Gene


No Rocks, No Water, No Ecosystem (EAS)
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