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	My experience both recently, and going back about 30 years, is that it is not the brand or expense of the drill that is important, but the care that is given to the equipment after use.  For one-time use, almost any cheap pneumatic drill obtained from your local Cars-R-Us store will suffice.  Just expect to throw it away after using it for a couple of days.  This is often the best economic and logistical approach for short-term projects.  For long term use, we merely store the drill immersed in light oil.   We use to store underwater tools in mineral oil, but our new generation of ecologically enlightened techies have switched to using a vegetable-based hydraulic fluid.


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Is there a recommended brand or make of 120PSI pneumatic drill for shallow-water work?

Priorities: 1) performance/power, 2) cost, 3) durability/rusting.
We're putting 3/4" anchor holes into limestone hard-bottom at 1.5m depth. Compressor and SCUBA tank supplied. I'm expecting it'll be a case of you get what you pay for...

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