[Coral-List] Delays, Shutdown

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 24 16:52:19 EDT 2013

Please ignore my last message (below).  That was an unnecessarily
pessimistic outlook.  Instead, I'm smelling the roses now and I'm sure
our Congress will end up congratulating itself on its non-partisan,
cheerful, and creative problem solving any minute now.  Mark Twain was
wrong about Congress...


On 9/24/13 11:13 AM, Jim Hendee - NOAA Federal wrote:
> My apologies for the delay in some Coral-List messages getting
> circulated, but we've had an Internet snafu which is now fixed.
> As many of you are aware, Congress looks like it's heading for another
> shutdown.  Therefore, it is entirely possible (some would say likely)
> that the US Government will be out of business as of Monday night.
>  So, while that happens, there will be no Coral-List messages
> circulated. Thus, if you have something you think is timely and needs
> to go out, better send out now rather than wait until next week,
> because chances appear good that Coral-List will be shut down.
> Sincerely yours,
> Jim Hendee
> Coral-List Admin

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