[Coral-List] Cycling the Coral Triangle

Sally Wood Sally.Wood at bristol.ac.uk
Sat Sep 28 12:16:27 EDT 2013

Dr Elena Couce, of the Coral Reef Research at Bristol (CRAB) group,
University of Bristol, will shortly be embarking on a 14-month solo cycle
tour of the 'Coral Triangle' centre of marine biodiversity.

The purpose of the trip is to raise awareness of the incredible marine
biodiversity of the region, as well as the threats facing the coral reefs
there. The trip will be documented in a blog and possibly a documentary,
and we will also be working with schools so that children can follow the
expedition as it happens. We hope to share the stories of scientists and
conservationists working in the area, as well as the local people who
depend on these vital marine resources.

Her tour will begin in January 2014 and take in the Philippines, Indonesia,
Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. As well as serving an educational
purpose, the expedition also represents a personal challenge for Elena, as
she cycles through some of the most remote tropical areas of the world,
carrying all she needs with her and making camp where she can - driven only
by a passion for marine science and a strong sense of adventure!

If you are interested in getting involved, either in hosting Elena for part
of her trip, promoting your work, providing expert advice, giving an
interview, or even joining her on part of her cycle, please contact Sally
Wood, Scientific and Conservation liaison for the team (details below).

In any regard, we hope as many of you as possible will follow the blog,
comment, and offer Elena support on her adventure.

Follow the blog here:



For media and outreach enquiries, please see the relevant team contacts at

For scientific and conservation enquiries, contact:

*Sally Wood*

Coral Reef Research at Bristol, University of Bristol

School of Geographical Sciences, University Road, Bristol, UK, BS8 1SS
Email: *sally.wood at bristol.ac.uk*


Sally Wood | PhD student
'Dispersal as a control on coral biogeography under a changing climate'

Coral Reef Research at Bristol (CRAB) group | University of Bristol
School of Geographical Sciences | University Road | BRISTOL | UK | BS8 1SS

e: sally.wood at bristol.ac.uk | w: http://seis.bris.ac.uk/~sw1496



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