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Thanks to all who've provided advice. 
Sorry for the delay in responding/reporting, we're actually getting set up to start using (testing?) some of the drill(s) now. We're concentrating on bottom-end-cheap (I.E.: more or less disposable), as most of the respondents suggested. Others said to go top-end, but I couldn't stomach the US $1500 (incl. import & duties) price-tag, at least not for this project. Only one person suggested a middle-ground, which we thought carefully about as "secondary backup", but ran out of time to research further. 
We may also get access to a hydraulic system for comparison. 

Will report properly and personally to respondents once we get bloody-knuckles and can add a little insight of our own. 
The limestone pavement we're dealing with is... solid, to say the least. 

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Is there a recommended brand or make of 120PSI pneumatic drill for shallow-water work?

Priorities: 1) performance/power, 2) cost, 3) durability/rusting.
We're putting 3/4" anchor holes into limestone hard-bottom at 1.5m depth. Compressor and SCUBA tank supplied. 
I'm expecting it'll be a case of you get what you pay for....

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