[Coral-List] Request for Coral Monitoring Images - Data in the Classroom

Paulo Maurin - NOAA Affiliate paulo.maurin at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 9 19:53:24 EDT 2014

Hello. We'd like to place a request for underwater coral monitoring
images, to be used in a formal education data literacy project on
coral bleaching.

We are trying to locate sets of underwater coral reef photos that are
part of an ongoing monitoring research project.  The images will be
used as part of an in-class activity where middle school students role
play as Citizen Scientist scuba divers checking  and monitoring corals
in reef locations in-situ over a period of time.

For each of three locations:
* 3 coral reef images of the same location representing different
years of monitoring.
* Latitude and longitude of the reef site.
* Dates of each monitoring event.

This is for a Coral Bleaching Data-in-the-Classroom module (currently
in development, using Coral Reef Watch data), a NOAA-funded project
focused on data literacy. http://dataintheclassroom.noaa.gov/
We are looking for three different sets of photos (sites A. B, C,
which can be anywhere in the world) that each include 3 separate years
of monitoring at the same location over time. The idea is students
will monitor their assigned reef site three times during this
activity. During the monitoring  the reef image will be changed to
represent different years in progression.
Images are needed by April 21, 2014

To submit imagines, or for project questions, please contact:
Paulo.maurin at noaa.gov

Thanks in advance!

Paulo Maurin, PhD
Hawaii Management Liaison, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program
NOAA Inouye Regional Center
1845 Wasp Blvd., Building 176
Honolulu, HI 96818
Phone: (808) 725-5265

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