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Peter Raines rainespeter at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 16:04:45 EDT 2014

I congratulate Sarah, Peter and countless other friends and colleagues who
each and all are doing their valued bit to help understand, promote and
protect coral reefs.

I recently attended a one-day workshop in London on Logical Frameworks.
Many will know that these are the arch-stone and requisite for many
funders. The context was LIFE+ funding from the European union, of which
there are many hundreds of $millions on offer.

The far-right column of most 'logframes' is entitled 'Assumptions'. These
are usually assumptions outside of the control of the project/programme but
nonetheless need to be factored. Some of these assumptions are termed
'Killer Assumptions' - i.e. assumptions so severe that they will kill the
project stone-dead in its tracks and thus either require a fundamental
project/programme re-think or most likely, just give up, go home and not

So, I asked of the workshop convener during a coffee-break this: "Assuming
the predicted global trends are correct re. ocean acidification and the
like, then these surely are the 'Killer Assumptions' that should be
paramount and overarchingly declared in any Logframe. Should I pack my bags
up and go home now?"  He politely smiled, nodded but of course could not

So, the killer-question I ask myself is: "Should I give up any and all hope
for coral reefs and just throw in the towel?" My glass always being
half-full, my answer is a resounding "NO!".

I say good luck to Sarah, Peter and everyone in their mission, drive and
energy to help protect and restore coral reefs. What we need is a coalition
of the willing to kill assumptions!

All the best,


Peter Raines MBE
Coral Restoration Foundation International


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