[Coral-List] What do coral reef scientists perceive are the major threats to Caribbean coral reefs?

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 15 09:52:22 EDT 2014

   While it is certainly a challenge to clearly portray the synergy of impacts
   that multiple stressors have on coral reefs without confusing people into
   inertia, the issue is being greatly distorted by a deliberate campaign
   designed to continue the debate based on promoting the false proposition
   that there is a substantial level of scientific disunity. I donât really see
   that beyond the fringes and would argue that a clear consensus exists. The
   eleven threats listed below seem to provide obvious support for Alina's case
   for primacy of human causation. So while people may be the solution, they
   can't possibly provide a satisfactory resolution without first recognizing
   and accepting their role as primary drivers of the problem at hand.

   1.Ocean   warming   2.Disease   3.Ocean   acidification  4.Overfishing
   5.Sedimentation 6.Coral bleaching 7.Disease 8.Coastal development 9.Human
   population growth 10.Algal competition 11.Laws and enforcement.



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