[Coral-List] Journal Article Requests

James Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Tue Apr 15 13:45:56 EDT 2014


    This has been discussed before, so apologies to those who've heard
it before.

    Students and researchers--wherever possible--should make the best
use they can of their librarians, or their own personal resources, to
acquire journal articles and/or books to conduct their research. 
Coral-List should not be used as a sort of lazy person's guide to having
someone else do this for them.  However, there indeed are times when
researchers do not have ready access to journals and libraries, or to
ancient publications, or gray literature more of regional interest, and
in those cases it would be appropriate to use Coral-List to help you
out.  If you are of this latter researcher, please let us all know that
you have already tried here and there, or that you are stuck out an
atoll where you have to crank your own electricity to access the
Internet via satellite and mail only comes by boat once a month...or
whatever.  Otherwise, you might be one of those unfortunate students who
makes the online request for someone to do the research for them, then
is publicly embarrassed to find out that their instructor is also a
Coral-List subscriber.  Bummer!

    So, we're here to help, but try to do your own work with your
wonderful and treasured librarian first.


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