[Coral-List] What do coral reef scientists perceive are the major threats to Caribbean coral reefs?

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    You may be well aware of who writes the so-called "non-governmental
climate change report" but many others aren't, and their name was
deliberately chosen to deceive people into thinking it has a broad base of
supporting science like the IPCC report does.
    You don't know who funds Heartland Institute because Heartland
Institute keeps that secret, and the laws now allow organizations who want
to spend large amounts of money in the US to spread disinformation and try
to buy elections by suckering people into believing their propaganda, do
not have to reveal the sources of their funding.
    The fossil fuel industry makes gigantic amounts of money selling
products that pollute the atmosphere (the US EPA has ruled that CO2 is a
pollutant, and the US courts have ruled that they can regulate it as a
pollutant; CO2 joins a long list of pollutants their products release).
The CEO of Exxon-Mobil makes more in a day, even an hour, than most
Americans make in a year.  They stand to loose vast sums if people start to
switch to sustainable energy sources.  The UN is essentially broke and has
no extra money to make people rich like the Koch Bros (US billionares who
make their money off of oil and want to sucker people into supporting them
getting more of the public's money).  The people who could make money off
of cap and trade are those who have carbon credits to sell; environmental
NGO's that advocate for changing to sustainable energy sources to avoid
very costly damage from global warming do not own things that could become
carbon credits.  Care to document the government people who you say stand
to benefit from cap and trade?  Can you do it without referring to right
wing political websites?
    I assume your comment about the US Constitution was written to imply
that people who have a view different from you and the Heartland Institute
don't believe in the US Constitution.  If you are implying that about
Americans, that is offensive.  If you are implying that about people in
other countries that are members of the UN, you need to justify why you
think people in other countries owe allegiance to the US Constitution.
    Cheers,  Doug

On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 10:32 PM, Eugene Shinn <eugeneshinn at mail.usf.edu>wrote:

> Doug I am well aware  who writers of the "Non Governmental" version of
> IPCC are. And, yes I understand the Heartland Inst. is a conservative
> group. However, I do not know who funds them and have never seen any
> evidence they are affiliated with the Oil Industry. As far as I know it
> is people who still believe in the US Constitution. The IPCC on the
> other hand is funded by the UN which is historically at the other end of
> the political spectrum. I understand that many of their governmental
> supporters stand to make a bundle from Cap and Trade taxes. Gene
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