[Coral-List] Prioritizing impacts to coral reefs

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Richard asked why I had not addressed several posting. Well, one has to 
wonder if these rants gets us anywhere? I am reminded of the following 
lines I pirated from a recent blog. " The crisis we face is not one of 
politics in just one sphere, that of government. Even more sinister 
politics have long been afoot in the scientific sphere from whence this 
whole knowing of the matter of anthropogenic carbon sprang. The world of 
science is a most unpleasant guild-like, politically active, and 
aggressive world. It has its warring sides and those sides have 
territories they claim and fiercely defend." This rang a bell because I 
have seen many hypotheses come and go. By the time one is gone few even 
remember it.
     Back to one of the postings which asked, Is the Pew foundation any 
different than the Heritige foundation? Of course its like night and 
day. One is left wing and the other on the right. Both have lots of 
money. You believe what you want to believe. Its like comparing Mother 
Jones magazine to the Wall Street Journal. Take your pick. I have come 
to believe there really are two kinds of people and it is not simply 
Male and Female. We are wired differently from birth and yes it helps to 
follow the money. Education seldom changes the wiring.
Regardless of what one might feel about Craig Idso people should 
evaluate the papers he cited in the Heritage website I posted and stop 
the ad hominem/kill the messenger attacks. Those were peer reviewed 
papers. IPCC papers are peer reviewed (mainly by each other). An IPCC 
member writer would not send his coral reef paper to Idso for review and 
visa versa. The lines have been drawn. Gene


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