[Coral-List] Another marine mammal containment attraction in the Fl Keys

Maureen Woods maureen at maxwellmarineconsult.com
Thu Apr 24 15:11:22 EDT 2014

See the following article - Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

According to the article, "Sharks and other more aggressive species will be kept on one side, while the other one will be used to allow up to six people at a time to snorkel or Snuba in. Guests will be able to feed the sharks through the small holes in the divider.  The rest of the facility includes a large stingray tank, another small nurse shark tank, a touch tank, a concession stand, gift shop and offices.  Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is planning to open to the public on July 1 and animals are already being collected and quarantined."

The Keys are home to at least 4 of these unfortuante facilites.  This new one will finally have sharks and stingrays in containment.  What exactly could these "other more aggressive species" be?  Piranha?

How disappointing that five or 6 local community members sitting on the Coucil are solely responsible for allowing such facilities to be approved and constructed just a stones throw from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Maureen Woods
Key Largo

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