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Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
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   Dear Gene,

   From the article you referenced: A new study on how coral reacts to global
   climate change has some researchers optimistic that at least a few of the
   polychromatic reefs crucial to underwater ecosystems may be better able to
   adjust to a warming world than was previously thought. The findings could
   well apply to corals around the world, explained Stephen Palumbi, a marine
   biologist at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove,
   Calif., and the study's lead author. "If that is true, then perhaps corals
   around the world have a slightly longer period of time before global ocean
   warming completely does them in. ⦠As the oceans warm, they will pick up
   some of the slack, but we don't know what the limits of that are. We don't
   know when they are going to get maxed out".

   So this tempered good news can only be considered favorable if you accept
   the fact that anthropogenic climate change is at play and is in fact warming
   the oceans. Can we take this post as a sign that you have finally conceded
   that point?    Steve

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   >More good news for a change.
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