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JJ Harvey jj at zoox.org.uk
Fri Aug 1 00:54:14 EDT 2014

Dear Coral-Listers,

Please feel free to forward this opportunity for marine conservation career
development to individuals looking to boost their skills for working in the
marine conservation sector. The 9 week placement is ideal for both
early-career marine scientists and individuals with non-related work
experience wanting to shift career direction.

With Kind Regards,

James Harvey

*Marine Conservation Project Coordinators*

*Specialist Marine Conservation Training with the Zoox Experience Programme*

*Opportunity location*: Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand

*Job Role*: Zoox, specialists in marine conservation training, are looking
for passionate and hard-working individuals to support the high-impact
conservation initiative, Green Fins. Conceived by the UNEP in 2004, Green
Fins works to unite divers, governments and conservationists for the
protection of coral reefs. It manages diving industry impacts on the reefs
through implementing environmental standards, consultation and conducting
environmental training for all staff, allowing them to reduce direct
impacts on the reef, and using environmental knowledge to educate and raise
awareness with guest divers and local communities.

Zoox provides training through our 9 week ZooxExperience Programme
<http://zoox.org.uk/zoox-experience/>, designed specifically for those
wanting to explore routes into the marine conservation sector.

*We are the only organisation to provide personal professional development
with a focus on the volunteer gaining valuable skills. *

We have upcoming placements in:

Nha Trang, Vietnam - 29 Sept - 30 Nov 2014

Malapascua, Philippines - 29 Sept - 30 Nov 2014

Koh Kood, Thailand - 5 Jan - 8 Mar 2015

Moalboal, Philippines - 5 Jan - 8 Mar 2015

*Training* - The first two to three weeks of the placement involves
intensive training in Puerto Galera, Philippines. The Zoox Modules are
designed not only to give you a solid foundation on the marine conservation
industry, but also all the information and tools you need to coordinate the
Green Fins initiative in the country of their placement.

*Experience* - Each placement is unique as we work closely with you to
identify your strengths and interests, which then shape the programme
providing you with a personal assignment alongside your main volunteering

*Therefore the ZEP involves a wide variety of work but could include:*

   - Giving educational presentations about marine ecology, local laws and
   general marine conservation to people within the diving industry, local
   communities and the Philippine government
   - Conducting environmental assessments of dive centres (which will
   involve LOTS of diving) and consultation sessions with dive centres owners
   and managers.
   - Coordinating environmental activities such as beach and reef clean-ups
   and reef monitoring.
   - Managing and arranging meetings with various departments of the
   - Conducting and training for monitoring marine habitat health

*In addition you will gain skills and knowledge in:*

   - Project and Financial Management
   - Project Planning and Monitoring
   - International Development
   - Diving and Snorkelling Skills
   - Report Writing
   - Understanding of International Environmental Policy Processes
   - Negotiation
   - Database Management
   - Understanding of Global Marine Conservation Funding
   - Training Skills
   - Presenting to Diverse Audiences in a Variety of Locations
   - Developing Interpersonal Communication Skills
   - Knowledge of Conservation in Developing Nations Political Systems
   - Travel and Personal Security

The cost of the 9-week programme is *GBP £1,600.* Included here is:

   - 2/3 week training course including our unique Zoox modules
   - Close co-ordination and support, private mentoring and coaching from
   Zoox staff throughout the placement
   - Shared, clean and comfortable self-catering accommodation for one
   - Personal Professional Development Feedback session and post placement
   - Diving Skills refresher dives (all diving associated with the project
   work is free)
   - Travel costs during training and basic travel allowance associated
   with the project
   - Kit including document wallets, bags, polo shirts and module handouts

     *Additional Benefits *

   - Access to extensive online library of learning resources
   - Access to jobs not always advertised publicly
   - Alumni Newsletters with insider tips


   1. You need to be at least 18 years old, and physically fit and able.
   2. You will need a strong interest in a career in marine conservation.
   3. You *don't* have to have a background in marine biology/ ecology.
   4. You will need at least 50 logged SCUBA dives. You will be doing work
   that involves being comfortable and confident whilst diving with
   stakeholders. We accept any level of recognised qualification.

The volunteer is expected to cover all additional costs including flights,
insurance, visas,personal costs (please see our website (www.zoox.org.uk)
for an estimated break down of costs).

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter explaining why you would
like to join the programme to apply at zoox.org.uk


*Mr James J. Harvey*
*Programmes Director*
Mobile: +44 (0)77 630 92895

      *Training | Experience | Jobs*
 *"The Science of Marine Conservation"*

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