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I think Marin Moe has stated here on more than one occasion that the real control on seaweeds in the Caribbean is Diadema not parrotfish, many species of which won't even touch macroalgae. More effort and resources should be directed towards reestablishing this keystone invertebrate herbivore to Caribbean reefs and less on discussing what might help. It has already been shown that Diadema, when in sufficient numbers, reduce algal cover and increase frequency of coral recruits. In my personal opinion, there is already a solution identified, resources just needed to implemented into putting it into action.

If some billionaire is looking to leave a legacy, then what better way than supporting Diadema culture and reintroductions to save Caribbean coral reefs from becoming algal reefs?

J. Charles Delbeek, M.Sc.

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Some may find this interesting.  Any discussion?

Protect parrotfish, protect the reef?


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