[Coral-List] Parrot fish and Diadema

Victor Galvan vgalvan2000 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 23:16:46 EDT 2014

Hi Listers

The recent discussion on parrot fish and Diadema grabbed my attention in
todays issues. I am one of two biologists working for the Puntacana
Ecological Foundation in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. The
conservation and restoration of these two species is of great interest to
our institution´s marine conservation and restoration program. Recent
surveys conducted by our institution has shown that approximately 1 in 2
fishes caught by local fishermen are parrot fish (all species and sizes).
The Puntacana Ecological Foundation is working with local collaborators and
government officials to attempt to band night-time fishing for parrot fish
in the area; although a small step, we think it will be of great benefit
for the marine environment.

On the other side, we are looking for Diadema pre-mass mortality population
density information from countries surrounding the Dominican Republic;
thanks to Dr. Leslie Kaufman, we got some from Jamaica. Any help you can
provide us would be great! Please feel free to contact us at this email or
through the puntacana ecological foundations website (puntacana.org).

Victor M. Galvan
Reef Restoration Coordinator
Punta Cana Ecological Foundation

Coordinador: Restoracion de Arrecifes
Fundacion Ecologica Punta Cana

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