[Coral-List] Fwd: Bring Back the Gulf

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 22 11:40:26 EDT 2014

   Dear Steve and DeeVon,
   This  is  a tough one that presents a number of conflicting issues for
   consideration. I'm trying to evaluate your opposing positions in order
   to formulate an opinion of my own. My concerns are focused mainly on the
   potential  hazards  that these aging rigs present. After all, offshore
   platforms were  not  designed  for  perpetual life so I have to wonder
   if any group  of investors is  likely to accept the rather conspicuous
   liability issues even as they consider some of the attractive alternative
   uses that EcoRigs suggests.
   As  I  researched the issue, I found this interesting reference to the
   disposal of offshore platforms as it was addressed in 1985.
   Although dated and not focused on the impacts on the marine habitats that
   have developed, why not consider this committee's recommendations and work
   together to amend current policy standards to allow for evaluations on a
   case  by  case basis?  Of course, agreeing on acceptable standards and
   criteria  won't  be  easy,  but  it  might  present  an opportunity to
   establish tolerable compromises that could bridge otherwise contentious and
   intransigent perspectives. Polarization on so many fronts doesn't seem to be
   getting us anywhere.
   Just a thought.


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