[Coral-List] fish and corals smell reefs

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This is really a brilliant, break-through piece of research! Such clear
results are rare in coral reef ecology. 

Of course, it does not preclude entirely the idea that larval fish
additionally sense vibrations associated with reefs (snapping shrimp, sand
movements, crashing waves, etc.). That is an old debate, and includes some
physiologist arguments about poor auditory and lateral line sensory
development in larval and pre-settled juvenile fishes. 

Now I am hoping someone puts recorded sounds and physical emulations of reef
vibrations into a similar plume system, to find the relative importance of
olfactory vs. vibratory sensing at different levels.   

Meanwhile, we can now add 'stench' to the list of hysteresis effects which
help macroalgal-dominated states resist switching back to coral-dominated

Congratulations to the authors!


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Baby corals and fish smell their way to the best home.

New research suggests the scent of a healthy ecosystem could rejuvenate
degraded coral reefs


How do coral reefs recover?  by John Bruno


Chemically mediated  behavior of recruiting corals and fishes: a tipping
point that may limit reef recovery.  Science.


I thought these might be of interest.   Cheers,  Doug

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