[Coral-List] Lower Florida Keys Bleaching Report

Coral Morphologic coralmorphologic at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 16:30:26 EDT 2014

This past Friday August 22nd we observed that the Hawk Channel patch reefs
in the Lower Keys are currently undergoing a severe bleaching episode. Most
of the staghorn corals that we saw were severely bleached or actively
dying, though there were a few hardy exceptions. Nearly all of the brain
and massive corals were completely white. All over the reef we observed an
unhealthy mix of cyanobacteria and algae proliferating. The water
temperature was an uncomfortable 89 degrees on the bottom (30'), and 87
degrees at the surface. A short video of the bleached reefs and more in
depth observations can be found on the Coral Morphologic blog at:


Colin Foord
Coral Morphologic
Miami, FL
coralmorphologic at gmail.com

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