[Coral-List] Mexican Caribbean Fish Spawning Aggregation Project Request

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Thu Aug 28 11:40:47 EDT 2014

Dear Coral-listers,

I´m writing from Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C  (COBI www.cobi.org.mx) a
Mexican marine conservation NGO, with a request:

We are currently running a fish spawning aggregation site project in
Quintana Roo, Mexico where we train local fishers to collect bathymetric
data, use this to make 3D bathymetric maps of the area and then predict
where we will find spawning sites for key species like Nassau Grouper and
Dog Snapper – check out the videos to see what we´ve been up to so far

An opportunity has come up to win a mini-ROV for underwater exploration.
The mini–submarine, developed by open source software designers (
http://openrov.com/) can be used to explore areas up to 100 m deep,
normally out of our reach. The 5 projects with the most followers on the
openexplorer.com website by the 19th of September will win a mini-ROV. This
would be great for COBI to help monitor deep waters inside protected areas
(or potential ones), look for fish spawning aggregations and generally
promote the conservation of the keys sites with tools like marine reserves
and no take zones.

If you want to help us protect these iconic species (in some newly
discovered aggregation sites) help us, it will only take 2 mins of your
time and we will keep you up to date on the project via the link.

Help by following the 4 simple steps below:
1.     Visit
2.     Click “Follow”
3.     Click “Sign up”
4.     Enter a username and email
5.     Go to your email and click the link
6.     Click “Follow” on the project again!

Thanks in advance!

Stuart Fulton
Field Coordinator, Comunidad y Biodiversidad AC

ps. I don´t think I´m breaking the list rules, I gave them a quick check,
but if I am, apologies...;-)

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