[Coral-List] Chickens can help save coral reefs!

Austin Bowden-Kerby abowdenkerby at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 13:44:36 EST 2014

Dear Friends,

Even chickens can help save coral reefs!
Please support and circulate our "Happy Chickens for Food Security and
Environment" proposal that Global Giving is promoting on their website
during the month of December.

It is widely recognized that poverty and a lack of alternative protein
sources are directly linked to overfishing, which in turn leads to coral
reef decline as coral predators become plagues and algae overgrows the
reef.  Reef degradation in turn leads to increased levels of hunger and
more desperate acts of destructive fishing, using poisons and explosives to
fish.  Many have said that we must address food security and poverty in
order to break this cycle of overfishing and destruction and to restore
coral reefs in the least developed countries.

Although very small, this project is one of the first projects of its kind:
supporting community-based no-take MPAs by replacing the protein lost
during initial project establishment, as well as preventing increased
fishing pressure on the remaining fished reefs.  For more details please
visit Global Giving at the link above.

Presently we can provide only ten dozen chicks per week, but with our
planned expansion, partnerships with community-based MPA projects in Fiji
and nearby countries will soon be possible.

Thanks very much!


Austin Bowden-Kerby, PhD
Corals for Conservation
P.O. Box 4649 Samabula, Fiji Islands

Sustainable Environmental Livelihoods Farm
Km 19.2 Sigatoka Valley Road, Fiji Islands
(679) 938-6437

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