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Tue Dec 9 16:25:03 EST 2014

Dear colleagues,
The Foundation ICRI Colombia completed a Virtual Coral Reef Exhibit with photos and videos of Colombian Coral Reefs held between the 5th of November and the 5th of December Called in Spanish #MesDelArrecife. The last day under the celebration of the National Day of the Reef #DiaDelArrecife started in 2008 the International Year of The Reef IYOR.
The winner video can be watched athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzN0FqOKKFg
The objectives were reached and the Governmental Institutions responsible to improvecoral reef management effectiveness paid attention and acted positively to streamline the necessary formalities about:
NEW #ÁreaMarinaProtegidaArrecifesCapurganáCaboTiburón             #ReglamentaciónPesqueraPezLeón MADS            #MediciónMercurioPezLeón 
We have receive requests from divers from other countries to particiapte in the next #MesDelArrecife 2015 and already receiving your videos, photos and artistic representations related to coral reefs. 
* Because it is necessary to evidence the state of coral reefs. * Because it is relevant to multiply knowledge on how to improve the effectiveness of reef management* Because communities of artisanal fishermen and tourist operators are reporting their daily observations to inform the decision makers* Because by coral reef protection there is less pollution, less coral destruction and less overfishing* Because we need to remind the developers that true sustainable development is the protection of our ecosystems and ecotourism. Thus, future generations can enjoy what we inherit them.
See more on https://www.facebook.com/ICRI.COLOMBIA and   https://twitter.com/ArrecifesCoral 
Nohora Galvis  

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