[Coral-List] Coral reef accretion-erosion balance paper

Nyssa Silbiger Silbiger at Hawaii.edu
Tue Dec 9 19:17:22 EST 2014

Dear Coral-listers:
  We recently published a paper on the accretion-erosion balance of coral
reefs and we thought that it may be of interest to some members of
coral-list.  In our study, we calculated net reef accretion and erosion
along a reef transect that exhibited high spatial and temporal
environmental variability. We used before and after microCT scans to
calculate an accurate change in volume of calcium carbonate blocks that
were deployed on the reef for one year. Using a model selection approach,
we compared pH with other known drivers of accretion and erosion  and we
found that pH was the strongest predictor of net reef erosion along our

Silbiger, N. J., Guadayol, Ò., Thomas, F. I., & Donahue, M. J. (2014).
Reefs shift from net accretion to net erosion along a natural environmental
gradient. *Marine Ecology Progress Series*, *515*, 33-44.

Also maybe of interest is a paper that was published earlier in the year
that used spectral analysis to describe the spatiotemporal variability in
pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature along this same reef transect.

Guadayol, Ò., Silbiger, N. J., Donahue, M. J., & Thomas, F. I. (2014).
Patterns in temporal variability of temperature, oxygen and pH along an
environmental gradient in a coral reef. *PloS one*, *9*(1), e85213.

Thank you and enjoy!

Nyssa Silbiger

*Nyssa Silbiger*
NOAA Dr. Nancy Foster Scholar
PhD Candidate
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
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