[Coral-List] Hydrodynamic conditions during larval spawning

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Tue Feb 4 07:15:29 EST 2014

Dear Coral list,

I plan to model artificial coral elements in a wave flume for my MSc
thesis. I want to study the hydrodynamics in the viscous sub-layer of the
coral structure to determine some of the factors contributing to successful
larval settling. Ideally I would like to send hydrodynamic conditions
through my flume which are typicl for spawning events (these occur at very
particular times). I have already reviewd the papers below. I am wondering,
does anyone have field-data or knows of papers of the types of conditions
(wave, current, tide etc.), during larval spawning events? Any help is much

Koehl M. A. R.  and Hadfield M. G., (2004) "Soluble Settlement Cue In
Slowly-Moving Water Within Coral Reefs Induces Larval Adhesion To
Surfaces", . J. Mar. Syst. 49: 75-88.

Koehl M. A. R. (2007) "Mini Review: Hydrodynamics Of Larval Settlement Into
Fouling Communities", Biofouling, 2007; 23(5): 357 - 368

Crimaldi J.P., Janet K. T., Rosman J. H., Lowe R. J., and Koseff J. R.
(2002), "Hydrodynamics Of Larval Settlement: The Influence Of Turbulent
Stress Events At Potential Recruitment Sites", limnol. Oceanogr., 47(4),
2002, 1137-1151
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