[Coral-List] print of Hudson (1981) paper from 4th ICRS proceedings

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All of the ICRS and ITMEMS proceedings, the State of the Reef Reports, (and
thousands of other reef articles, plus tens of thousands of abstracts) are
available for free download under 'Publications' at www.reefbase.org. You
need to sign up, but that is only to keep track of users to justify
continued funding. You also get access to the global GIS of reefs and other
services. The team at WorldFish in Malaysia are doing a great job of
continuing to providing this valuable resource.  


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Hi All -

I'm looking for a copy of:

Hudson, J. H. 1981. Response of Montastraea annularis to environmental
change in the Florida Keys. Proc. 4th International Coral Reef Symposium,
Manila, v. 2, p. 233-240

If you have a print, could you please send it to me
(carly.kenkel at gmail.com)?
It's not available in my University library system or online.


Carly Kenkel
PhD Candidate
Dept of Integrative Biology
The Univ of Texas at Austin
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