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*Coral reefs as novel ecosystems: embracing new futures* - The composition
and functions of many ecosystems are changing, giving rise to the concept
of novel ecosystems. Although some coral reefs are becoming non-coral
systems, others are becoming novel coral-dominated ecosystems driven
principally by differential species responses to climate change and other
drivers, but also due to species range shifts at higher latitudes, and in
some cases introduced species. Returning many coral reefs to pristine
baselines is unrealistic, whereas embracing novel futures enables more
pragmatic approaches to maintaining or re-building the dominance of corals.
Coral reefs are changing in unprecedented ways, providing the impetus to
improve our understanding of reef compositions that may dominate in the
future, explore new management approaches, assess changes in ecosystem
services, and investigate how human societies can adapt and respond to
novel futures.
Citation: Nicholas AJ Graham, Joshua E Cinner, Albert V Norström, Magnus
Nyström (2014) Coral reefs as novel ecosystems: embracing new futures. *Current
Opinion in Environmental Sustainability*, Volume 7, 9-14.

Article: http://www.stockholmresilience.org/5.3186f824143d05551ad18c.html

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