[Coral-List] reef fish and algae

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Wed Feb 19 15:35:39 EST 2014

Denny and others,
I've been following the reminiscences and other stories re damselfishes, 
algae, coral and Caribbean decline with interest.  Lots of good comments 
buried in that thread.

I hope nobody has missed the hubris and irony in the fact that having done 
a number of things that have resulted in the massive decline most parts of 
the Caribbean (and many reefs elsewhere) are experiencing, we are now 
focusing on the activities of tiny, if pugnacious, little damselfishes 
that happen to like algal turfs, and do cause marginal damage to living 
corals in 'cultivating' their gardens.  The particular thread haws not 
gone there yet, but I can imagine someone less wise getting hold of these 
comments and advocating for a massive cull of three-spots in order to save 
the reefs.

Peter Sale
sale at uwindsor.ca

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