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*Program Manager, Wildlife Conservation Society Sharks and Rays Program*
*Terms of Reference*


The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is committed to the conservation of
the world's cartilaginous, or chondrichthyan, fishes, the sharks, skates,
rays, and chimaeras, one of only two groups of living fishes. Owing to
their "slow" life histories and being subject to extensive fishing pressure
throughout the world's oceans, this group of nearly 1,100 species is
increasingly at risk of extinction and, thus, in urgent need of
conservation action. For this reason and in light of their enormous
cultural, evolutionary, ecological, and, in many instances, economic value,
the chondrichthyan fishes have been designated an institutional priority
for WCS over the next decade.

To guide WCS's global Sharks and Rays Program, WCS is developing a
collaborative global strategy that will focus on: 1) protection of
threatened species; 2) improvements in management of shark and ray
fisheries; 3) enhanced controls on trade in sharks and rays; and 4)
reduction in market demand for shark and ray parts and products. This
strategy will prioritize efforts and interventions to slow declines and
rebuild populations of sharks and rays, while leveraging WCS's global
capacity and long-term field programs in 60 countries around the world,
capitalizing on WCS's core strengths, and seeking to coordinate with and
maximize the efforts of other conservation actors and partners.

Program Manager, WCS Sharks and Rays Program

The primary objective of the Program Manager position is to assist in the
development and delivery of WCS's Sharks and Rays Program. This is a
full-time position. The Program Manager will report to WCS's Sharks and
Rays Coordinator/Marine Policy Advisor and will be based at the
headquarters of WCS's Global Conservation Program at the Bronx Zoo in
Bronx, New York, USA.

Position Responsibilities

The Program Manager will:
* Assist the strategic development and implementation of WCS's global
Sharks and Rays Program;
* Assist the development and implementation of a global strategy for the
chondrichthyan fishes;
* Coordinate communications and activities to support the WCS Sharks and
Rays Program among WCS staff based in the USA and in field programs around
the world;
* Liaise and coordinate with other WCS programs and departments, including
Public Affairs and Global Resources;
* Develop, populate, and manage project databases supporting implementation
of the WCS Sharks and Rays Program and global strategy;
* Prepare and manage contracts for external consultants and sub-grants to
other organizations following WCS's protocols and procedures;
* Organize internal and external meetings;
* Write and edit programmatic reports and other communications;
* Design and prepare electronic and printed outreach materials;
* Assist with fundraising to support implementation of the Sharks and Rays
Program and related projects and activities, including development and
drafting of proposals, participation in fund-raising activities, and grants
management, including reporting to donors;
* Facilitate communication and coordination between WCS and external
* Represent the WCS Sharks and Rays Program to external audiences as
* Support budget management and expense reporting; and
* Undertake other activities as needed to provide overall support to the
WCS Sharks and Rays Program.

Minimum Qualifications

* Master's Degree, preferably in natural sciences or international
conservation policy;
* 5 years of experience in project or non-profit management, including
writing fundraising proposals and other documents, preparation and
monitoring of budgets and contracts, and project and donor reporting;
* Proficiency in the use of standard computer software applications,
including MS Word, Excel, Google platforms and desk-top publishing, as well
as relational database development and management;
* Understanding of general conservation issues and experience in species
and/or marine conservation;
* Excellent organizational skills, including capacity to manage multiple,
concurrent projects and demands, set and follow priorities, and meet
* Excellent writing and editing skills;
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including ability to
work with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures
and within a dispersed team that includes both WCS and non-WCS staff;
* Familiarity with shark conservation issues and the shark
scientific/conservation community highly desirable;
* Experience with strategic planning and program development highly
* Foreign language fluency (e.g., French, Spanish) highly desirable but not
* Willingness to travel internationally essential.

*Please apply online through the WCS Careers website and send you CV and
cover letter to marineprogram at wcs.org <marineprogram at wcs.org>.*

Kaitlyn Sephton
Program Officer, Marine Conservation
Wildlife Conservation Society
2300 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10460
Office: 718.220.5193
Cell: 413.687.1104
Skype: KSephton-WCS

Kaitlyn Sephton
Program Officer, Marine Conservation
Wildlife Conservation Society
2300 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10460
Office: 718.220.5193
Cell: 413.687.1104
Skype: KSephton-WCS

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