[Coral-List] Goliath Grouper testimonial

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 9 11:11:51 EST 2014

   Good move by DEMA. I hope this reflects a renewed awareness on their part of
   the  role they  should  be  taking  as  prominent advocates for marine

   But there is much more to be done if the organization is to truly establish
   itself  as a legitimate proponent on this front.. I can only hope that
   their position statement

   in support of the continuation of the Goliath Grouper moratorium signals a
   sincere   determination  on  their  part  to  revisit  such  issues as
   their questionable stance in

   opposition  to  the  NOP or  their failure to promote a more proactive
   approach in addressing some of the more clearly established threats to coral
   reef ecosystems.

   DEMA  deserves praise  for their most recent move. Let's all hope that
   it leads to real policy shifts and actions that we can believe in.


   Steve Mussman

   Sea Lab Diving
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   >DEMA also sent a letter supporting continued protection.
   >http://dema.org/associations/1017/files/From DEMA re Goliath Grouper
   >-Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council.pdf
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   >Dear all,as per my previous email to this list and following on the Goliath
   >Grouper saga, I sent a memo, explaining why protection to this critically
   >endangered species must continue, to the Florida Fish and Wildlife
   >Conservation  Commission (FWC), the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic
   >Management   Councils,  and  the  National  Oceanic  and  Atmospheric
   >(NOAA). The letter is now posted at my blog:
   >Sarah Frias-Torres, Ph.D. Coordinator Reef Rescuers ProgramIsland
   >Conservation Centre Nature Seychelles,Amitie, Praslin,
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