[Coral-List] Seeking Ph.D. student in coral/Symbiodinium molecular ecology lab (Dan Barshis)

Daniel Barshis barshis at hawaii.edu
Fri Jan 10 14:36:51 EST 2014

Hi All,
     The Barshis lab at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA (
www.odu.edu/~dbarshis) is seeking highly qualified Ph.D. applicants to join
the lab starting in Fall 2014. The lab focuses on the environmental and
physiological mechanisms contributing to coral susceptibility and tolerance
of environmental stress, particularly thermal challenge. We use a variety
of approaches from experimental field ecology to 'omics technologies and

     Of particular interest are applicants with experience in the following:
1. Independent research
2. Remote field work and scientific diving
3. Minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA

    Additional desired qualifications include experience in:
1. Coral husbandry and *Symbiodinium* culture techniques
2. Molecular biology/molecular ecology
3. Next generation sequencing and bioinformatics
4. A master's degree in a related scientific field will be
viewed positively

Interested candidates should email Dr. Dan Barshis directly (
dbarshis at odu.edu) with a CV/resume and a brief description of her/his
qualifications and interest in the ODU Ph.D. program. More information
about the program can be found at

NOTE: Application deadline for ODU is Feb. 1st 2014.


  Daniel Barshis, Ph.D.
  Assistant Professor
  Department of Biological Sciences
  Old Dominion University
  Norfolk, VA 23529

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