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Wed Jan 15 02:34:57 EST 2014

Hi all, 
Please pass this invitation on to your faculty colleagues who teach introductory undergraduate biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering. It would be a big help to this project and they receive a $30 amazon gift card to complete a survey. 

Melissa K. Demetrikopoulos, Ph.D.
Director of Scientific Communications and
Chair, Division of Program Development and Assessment
Institute for Biomedical Philosophy
PO Box 1528
Dunedin, FL 34697
TEL: 305-240-1522 
mdemetr at BioPhi.org


As a part of a National Science Foundation supported project, we are currently reaching out to faculty members who teach introductory, undergraduate level courses in the biological, chemical, or physical/engineering sciences. We have created an instrument that is intended to evaluate the scientific literacy of pre and early freshman, and we would like to get some feedback about it from faculty in the aforementioned fields. Compensation and participation details are explained below.

Each faculty member who completes the survey will be compensated $30 for his or her time, and the survey duration should be 20 minutes or less. Any assistance that you can provide for us would be greatly appreciated; if you could also forward this invitation to your colleagues it would be a tremendous help.

The survey link is provided here:

Questions and Concerns: Please direct all questions and concerns to thomas.benjamin at morehouse.edu or ethen.pollard at morehouse.edu

Thanks much,

-The Scientific Literacy Research Team
Ethen C. Pollard
 Program Assistant & Research Assistant, Education Research
 Division of Science and Mathematics
 Morehouse College
 830 Westview Drive, SW
 Atlanta, Ga 30314
ethen.pollard at morehouse.edu
 (404) 681-5492 

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