[Coral-List] Green Water Events

stuart at stuartwynne.co.uk stuart at stuartwynne.co.uk
Fri Jan 17 02:14:54 EST 2014

Dear Coral-listers,

I am currently researching the occurrences of so called 'Green Water 
Events' in the Caribbean after witnessing such an event in Anguilla, 
July 2010. This event lasted for two-three days, during which time the 
water turned a lime-green colour around the western end of the island, 
leading to almost zero visibility. The cause and/or source of this event 
remains unclear and has yet to re-occur in the area. I do however 
remember a post on coral during 2009 (if my memory serves me correct) 
when a similar sounding event was reported in the Virgin Islands. I 
would be very interested if the person who posted this thread would 
email me more specific details and also let me know if they have 
witnessed a re-occurrence of the event. Similarly, has anyone else seen 
this phenomenon in the Caribbean? Is anyone aware of any documentation 
detailing occurrences and possible causes. I would be most grateful if 
anyone that has information relating to this, either now or in the 
future, would get in touch with me directly.

All the best,

PhD Candidate
stuart at stuartwynne.co.uk

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