[Coral-List] Diadema off Eleuthera

Martin Moe martin_moe at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 11:36:53 EDT 2014

I’m sorry but somehow I lost your email with the question on
the location of the reef off Cape Eleuthera before I could answer so I have to answer through coral
list. First of all, I think the commentary at the beginning of the book, Living Corals, was
written by Richard Chesher and not Douglas Faulkner. Doug is listed as author
of the commentary at end of the book but Richard is listed on the title page as
author of the text. The book is a compilation of about 200 close up, full page
color photographs of corals from all over the world, but mostly Pacific
species. There is only one photo of a reef, an reef flat of exposed staghorn
coral at low tide at Ngel Pass, Belau,, the other photos are of individual corals They are numbered
and there is a commentary on each photo including location at the back of the
book. I looked briefly for photos of Bahamian species but did not find any. So unfortunately
I can’t help you with the location of the reef off the southern coast of Eleuthera
where the urchin observations occurred.

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