[Coral-List] participation in upcoming SIDS2014 conference in Samoa by NGOs in Americas focused on marine issues

RainbowWarriorsInternational southern_caribbean at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 19 09:33:40 EDT 2014

We are interested in finding out which local, regional and international NGOs focused on marine issues are planning to participate in the upcoming 3rd Conference on Small Island Developing States in September 2014 in Samoa.

Of particular interest to us are those who deal with modelling, earth observation of (very) large marine ecosystems, oceanographic modelling including climate and monitoring systems using advanced IT and ICT for remote acquisition of data using Internet for input into monitoring for e.g. park management, law enforcement, treaty periodic reporting requirements and rapid assessment of impacts whether natural or man-made.

The Internet of Things, aka as the Internet of Devices is starting to create a spin-off called the Internet of DNA for continuous (remote) monitoring and data collection of ecosystems and species therein for marine park management, scientific data collection, environmental parameters monitoring and fisheries and aquaculture management.

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