[Coral-List] yahoo is not recommended for subscription to coral-list

Mike Jankulak mike.jankulak at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 11 15:18:37 EDT 2014

Last week I posted this:


After some further investigation I figured it would be helpful to post a

The bottom line is, if you are subscribed to coral-list using a
yahoo-based email address, you should be aware that when you post a
message to our list it will fail to reach a sizable proportion of our
membership, some 800+ addresses, or about 10%.

I would strongly recommend that yahoo users switch their coral-list
subscriptions to some other email provider. I should be clear that the
opinions in this message are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect
the views of the US government institutions that run this mailing list.

On April 12, 2014, yahoo made a change to its policies about how to
identify forged email. Long story short, if you at yahoo.com send a message
to coral-list, we forward it to thousands of subscribers with the From:
line intact, but we change the Subject: line and add some text at the
bottom, and it arrives at its destination with a trail that leads back
to our server and not any mailserver controlled by yahoo. Yahoo has
decided that all messages with this description are forgeries and it
bounces them without the knowledge of the intended recipients.

What's more, several other large email providers (hotmail, bellsouth,
comcast) have chosen to honor yahoo's new policy and they, too, will
bounce yahoo-originating email back to coral-list. In my last message on
this topic I may have suggested that hotmail (and other) users consider
changing email providers as well, but I no longer think this is
necessary. Yahoo is the real villain here.

If you only wish to READ coral-list email, not post, then subscribing
from yahoo should work for you. However, you should elect to receive
coral-list in digest form, because those messages carry a From: line
identified with our server and do not appear to trigger these bounces.
Please contact us at <coral-list-owner at coral.aoml.noaa.gov> if you need
help making this change to your subscription.

We talked about how best to deal with this problem here at coral-list,
and the related problem of a flurry of automatically disabled accounts
whenever too many yahoo-originating coral-list messages are sent out. We
considered rejecting all posts from yahoo accounts as a way around the
problem, but decided to stick with status quo. We will make an effort to
monitor our bounce statistics and reset those counts before another
mass-disabling event like the one on June 4th can take place.

Mike J+, coral-list mod team

Mike Jankulak, Systems Administrator, University of Miami / CIMAS
NOAA / Atlantic Oceanographic Meteorological Laboratory
4301 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149 -- 305-361-4543

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