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Ulf Erlingsson ceo at lindorm.com
Sat Jun 14 10:53:54 EDT 2014

The first thing needed seems to be a global awareness campaign, which is especially focused on the third world AND TOURISTS TO TROPICAL COASTS. By alerting the buyers, the market will shrink.

It's a lot of work. Maybe Greenpeace has some activists who are tired of freezing their butts of and throwing up in the Southern Ocean chasing whalers, and who would like to spend some quality time on tropical beach paradizes instead? ;-)

Ulf Erlingsson

On 2014-06-13, at 09:08, Ramkumar wrote:

> Dear Naturalists,
> When something is rare in natural availability basically gets its
> higher value in market. It leads to the natural destruction. Some of
> the developing countries not concerning about the coral destruction by
> these commercial ornamental makers even the law in rule. In India,
> Andaman Nicobar islands is a well known tourist place, possess Andaman
> sea and Bay of Bengal as its faces. Government shops itself selling
> the jewel stuffs made up of Corals. Mainly from the rare black and red
> corals. I have seen some jewels which made with  Red tube corals, and
> Black corals; they also made rings from whitecorals. I could not find
> any restrictions to them to collect these corals for commercial
> purposes. Some people use to smuggle the corals from the island to
> main land with the help of the Bills from the government shops. As you
> told it requires a deep discussion among the reef scientists of the
> world.
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