[Coral-List] Mailing list submission: Coral and human cell death: half a billion years of conservation

Steven Quistad steven.quistad at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 16:40:02 EDT 2014


Please see my coral list submission below, let me know if you have any
questions. Thanks


"Dear Colleagues,

We would like to direct you to our recent open access publication in
*PNAS *entitled
“Evolution of TNF-induced apoptosis reveals 550 My of functional

In this paper we show that Human TNF causes apoptosis in coral and coral
TNF causes apoptosis in humans thus representing over 550 million years of
evolutionary conservation.

Original Article:


Related Media:

*National Geographic: *

*The Scientist: *

*SDSU Press Release:*

We hope that this paper will further strengthen the argument for coral reef
conservation to include the intrinsic value coral possess to better
understand the evolution of our own immune system and where we came from.


Steven Quistad and Forest Rohwer"

Steven Douglass Quistad
PhD Candidate
Joint Doctoral Program in Cell and Molecular Biology
San Diego State University
University of California San Diego
Rohwer Lab- coralandphage.org
Twitter- @StevenQuistad

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