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On December 12, 2013 here, in Coral-List, was posted the following call for news items and short papers for ISRS Newsletter REEF ENCOUNTER, which was expected to be published around the end of January 2014.  Until now the Coral Listers and the members of ISRS did not hear anymore from the Editors and no new issue of REEF ENCOUNTER was published.  Strangely, the attempts to establish contact with Journal Manager and Journal Editor were unsuccessful.  I sent manuscript of short piece on December 20, 2013 and kindly asked for confirmation of receiving on Dec. 30, 2013 and Jan. 9, 2014, but never acknowledged with reply.  All precious time and voluntary collegial efforts to accomplish ISRS goals are deeply appreciated.  In the same time, let be permitted to note, contacts with the interested to contribute and with the large expecting readership are very welcome.  



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Dear Coral Listers,

May I alert you to the fact that we are expecting to publish a new 
edition of REEF ENCOUNTER, (the newsletter / magazine of the 
International Society for Reef
 Studies) around the end of January 2014.

We have sections for SHORT NEWS ITEMS (e.g. new projects or discoveries) 
and for REEF RELATED ANNOUNCEMENTS (e.g. conferences), and NOW would be 
the time for reef researchers, managers, etc. to submit relevant 
material for inclusion in these sections in the forth-coming issue.

The magazine will also include GENERAL ARTICLES (2 - 5 typed pages, not 
focussing on new data) and SHORT PAPERS (2-4 typed pages focussing on 
new data or ideas), and we also welcome offers of
 either (priority being 
given to members), for consideration in the upcoming or future issues.

All the above types of material can be submitted via me 
(rupert.ormond.mci at gmail.com) as Journal Manager or Caroline Rogers 
(caroline_rogers at usgs.gov) as Journal Editor.

with thanks

*Rupert Ormond*

Corresponding Secretary, International Society for Reef Studies.

Hon. Professor, Centre for Marine Biodiversity & Biotechnology, 
 University, Edinburgh..

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