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Pauline bosserelle pauline.bosserelle at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 16:32:20 EST 2014

Hello listers, 

Please note the reference of the recently published book, which should be of 
interest to those of you visiting or working in the central Pacific: 

Bosserelle P., Berteaux-Lecellier V., Chancerelle Y., Hédouin L., Nugues M., 
Wallace C. & Pichon M., 2014. Guide d'identification des coraux de Moorea. 
CRIOBE 120p. ISBN: 978-2-9547466-0-9. (In French). 

The “Guide d’Identification des Coraux de Moorea” written by scientists from, 
and published by, the «Centre de Recherches Insulaires et Observatoire de 
l’Environement» (CRIOBE, Moorea, French Polynesia) provides detailed 
information on the identity of 67 of the most common hard coral species found 
in the reefs surrounding Moorea. It includes some general information on the 
reefs of Moorea, the morphology and ecology of reef corals, an identification key 
of the genera found in Moorea and a short diagnosis of each of the species 
taken into account. It is illustrated with pictures of live specimens in situ and of 
the characteristic skeletal features. A list of literature references, a glossary and 
an index complete this handsomely presented volume. 

Enquiries and orders, Please contact : 
Association Opunohu Criobe, 
98729 MOOREA 

Or, email to: asso.opunohu at criobe.pf 


Pauline Bosserelle 
CRIOBE, Moorea

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