[Coral-List] Online course in Field Techniques for Surveying Fish & Amphibians

Jonathan Shrives J.Shrives at gov.je
Mon Mar 10 12:04:04 EDT 2014

Dear Coral-Listers,

The University of Oxford is  currently offering an online course in Field Techniques for Surveying Fish and Amphibians, with an enrolment deadline of the 19th of March.

The course is made up of ten modules, six of which cover various fish survey techniques including trawls, set nets, rod and line, electrofishing, SCUBA underwater visual census surveys, even fish traps and larval/egg assessments, for both fresh water and marine habitats.

Whilst being somewhat of a shameless plug (for a course I tutor on!), the course does draw upon literature and research conducted on coral reefs in the Caribbean, Persian Gulf and Pacific, so hopefully will be of interest to readers of a fishy sensibility (apologies to benthic ecologists, geneticists, sociologists, coral pathologists, invertebrate lovers and any other coral-list subscribers who have no interest in reef fish!).

For more details please follow this link:

Thank you!

Jon Shrives
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