[Coral-List] temperature data

Lew Gramer lew.gramer at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 19 17:53:34 EDT 2014

John, you might consider using this Florida Fish & Wildlife Web site as
a starting point for researching Upper Keys sea temperatures:


It includes metadata for sea temperature records from our projects here
at NOAA AOML, at the Sanctuary, and State and local partners. The NOAA
Coral Program's CoRIS archive may be helpful to explore also:


Lew Gramer

On 3/19/2014 4:31 PM, John McDermond wrote:
> Dear Coral-listers,
> ?
> I am currently trying to find in-situ temperature data to compare to my own..  The closer to Key Largo the data is the better it would be.  Since temperature data is usually a side note in many papers I am having trouble finding it.  If anyone has come across any papers that mention in-situ temp. data from the keys, or has any themselves it would be a huge help.  I am trying to add it to my thesis discussion.  Thank you.
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