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Dennis Hubbard dennis.hubbard at oberlin.edu
Fri Mar 21 11:20:49 EDT 2014

Hi all:

I have done some digging and came up with the following email addresses. I
started with Jim's excellent list and tried to find contact information for
those organizations that seemed most closely tied to the situation and
might be in positions to exert the most control. I will keep digging but
this is a place to start. I think it would be great if everyone on this
list could come up with a personal statement on the absurdity of this
situation and send what appear to be personal emails to these and other
folks who might be in a position to exert pressure. I pasted this from my
spreadsheet and can't see the full email, so if the email addresses are not
accessible, I'll know when I receive my copy of this email and can look at
it. If anyone has better or additional contacts, feel free to add them to
the list.


   Jordan West Coral Reefs Task Force west.jordan at epa.gov
Coral Reefs Task Force coralreefweb at noaa.gov

 Christopher Kabua Loeak President-Marshall Islands rmiop.press at gmail.com  Mr/
Noda Lojkar RMI consulate in Hawaii
rmi.consulate at hawaiiantel.net<rmi.consulate at hawaiiantel.net?subject=Inquiry>
Hilda C. Heine Minister of Education-Majuro hildah99 at yahoo.com
<%20hildah99 at yahoo.com>

Marshall Iss Marine Resource Authority - message page
Marshall Iss OEPPC oeppc at ntamar.net
Marshall Iss EPA (facebook)
Wilbur Heine - Minister Marshall Iss Ministry of Inernal Affairs
moiasec at gmail.com
Marshall Islands Conservation Society albonishoda at kobedia.org

 Mr. Alamn Fowler DOI Office of Insular Affairs Grant Specialist
fowlerae at state.gov <%20fowlerae at state.gov>

Dennis Hubbard
Chair, Dept of Geology-Oberlin College Oberlin OH 44074
(440) 775-8346

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