[Coral-List] notice particularly paragraph 5

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 25 12:23:51 EDT 2014

   Of course you are right to challenge their assertions, but the problem
   remains that even the finest science available canât affect insensible
   beliefs that are reinforced by a contrived set of anomalous facts. We are
   dealing with an ideological movement unencumbered by the constraints of
   rationality and judiciousness that serves to restrain the opposing culture
   of science. We are faced with a frustrating conundrum. To engage them only
   emboldens and lends legitimacy to their argument by creating a false sense
   of equivalency. To ignore them as you say lets them further cultivate a
   doctrine that is likely to lead to an ecological catastrophe. In the end we
   really  have no choice but to take them on one by one if need be. It's
   maddening, but we must remain resilient in the hope that public awareness
   will ultimately right the ship in time. One thing is for sure, we need more
   warriors willing to take on the risks inherent in speaking truth to power.

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