[Coral-List] Request for stunning photos

Camilo Mora cmora at dal.ca
Fri Mar 28 16:09:12 EDT 2014

Dear listers:

A new edition of the popular book by Peter Sale on the “Ecology of  
fishes on coral reefs” is currently being developed. The book will  
deliver 35 chapters by 56 leading ecologists.

This book will be published in color which offers a new opportunity to  
add photographs related to this very diverse taxa, their threats and  

This email is to ask coral reef photographers, who highlight the  
beauty of fishes on coral reefs, their threats and conservation, about  
their interest of having their best photos being included in this new  
book as the cover or as full page images that will separate the  
different chapters.

If you are interested, we are looking for stunning photos related to  
general ecology (dispersal, predation, competition, evolution),  
macroecology (e.g. species richness, abundance, body size, range  
size), threats (fishing, climate change, invasive species, pollution,  
trade) and conservation (social-ecological systems, MPAs, management,  
overpopulation) as they related to reef fishes.

If you have any stunning relevant photo(s) to those topics, we will be  
delighted to have them considered for publication in this book. Please  
send photos to cmora at hawaii.edu

Thank you very much for your attention,


p.s. please send photos only to cmora at hawaii.edu

Camilo Mora, Ph.D.
Department of Geography, University of Hawaii

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