[Coral-List] International Mesophotic Workshop, Eilat, Israel

Gal Eyal galeyal at mail.tau.ac.il
Mon May 5 12:14:29 EDT 2014

Dear Coral-Listers,

We are pleased to inform you that an International Mesophotic Workshop will
be held in Eilat, Israel, October 26-31, 2014.

The workshop will comprise three days of oral presentations and poster
sessions followed by two days of research projects and hands-on

Location: Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat (IUI),

Accommodation: Orchid Hotel Eilat, Red-Sea, Israel

 *Workshop website: **www.mceisrael.com* <http://www.mceisrael.com/>

Main topic: What has changed since the NOAA 2008 Mesophotic Coral
Ecosystems Workshop?

General topics:

1.      Biodiversity and taxonomy of mesophotic coral reef organisms

2.      Monitoring and conservation of mesophotic coral reef environments

3.      Reproduction of mesophotic organisms

4.      Physiology of mesophotic organisms

5.      Molecular biology and connectivity of mesophotic organisms

6.      Methods for mesophotic research

Optional projects:

1.      Biodiversity and community structure of Eilat mesophotic reef
(Tech-Dive, ROV or/and AUV)

2.      Fluorescence of corals on a gradient depth (Tech-Dive)

3.      Looking for the deepest zooxanthellate corals of the Red Sea (ROV)

4.      Geomorphology on a gradient depth (AUV)

5.      Oceanographic characteristics of the Eilat mesophotic environment
(RV Rothberg)

For more information please enter the workshop

We look forward to welcoming you in Eilat, Israel, in October 2014.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Yossi Loya & Gal Eyal

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Yossi: yosiloya at gmail.com

Gal: gal4596 at gmail.com


1.      Workshop web site: http://www.mceisrael.com/

2.      Inetr-University Institute (IUI) Eilat:

3.      Orchid Hotel: http://www.orchidhotel.co.il/en/

4.      NOAA 2008: http://coastalscience.noaa.gov/news/?p=1654
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