[Coral-List] Coral spp tolerant to freshwater and flooding

Ian Butler ian.butler at uqconnect.edu.au
Wed May 7 21:26:13 EDT 2014


Hi Coral listers,

I was hoping to draw from your wide ranging experience to put together a bit
more information about the tolerance of particular hard and soft coral
species/genera to flooding, especially freshwater input.   I have a list
below of species of coral from Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia – a
subtropical location regularly exposed to flooding.  I have had a good look
through the literature to see if any of these species have shown general
resistance to flooding and have come up more with general list of corals
that have turbidity/sedimentation tolerance (Favids, Turbinaria, Goniopora)
and at least one that shows strong resistance to hyposalinity (Turbinaria
mesenterina).  Some of these are definitely not resistant to flooding (e.g.
Acropora spp).  


In your experience are any of these coral species familiar to you as
especially tolerant of flooding, esp. freshwater input?  (Or definitely
not?)  (A reference would be even better! J )


Thanks for your help.




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Ian R Butler

PhD Candidate

Biological Sciences

The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane QLD 4072, Australia.

Office in Hervey Bay  (H) 07 4194 2226

Marine Palaeoecology Lab    <http://marinepalaeoecology.org/ian-butler/>

ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies
<http://www.coralcoe.org.au/> http://www.coralcoe.org.au 


Coral Species/Genera from Hervey Bay

Acanthastrea lordhowensis (ACLH)

Acropora bushyensis (ABUS)

Acropora digitifera (ADIGA)

Acropora glauca (AGLA)


Cyphastrea serailia (CYPS)

Favia danae (FADA)

Favia favus (FAFA)

Favia maritima (FAMAR)

Favia spp. (FAV)

Favia veroni (FAVE)

Favites chinensis (FTCH)

Favites flexuosa (FTFL)

Favites pentagona (FTPE)


Goniastrea aspera (GSAS)

Goniastrea australensis (GSAU)

Goniastrea favulus (GSFA)

Goniopora spp. (GONIO)

Montastrea curta (MACU)

Montipora mollis (MIMOL)

Montipora spongodes (MISPO)


Montipora turtlensis (MITT)

Plesiastrea versipora (PLES)

Pocillopora damicornis (POCDAM)

Psammocora superficialis (PSSU)


Turbinaria bifrons (TUBI)

Turbinaria frondens (TUFR)

Turbinaria mesenterina (TUME)

Turbinaria patula (TUPA)

Turbinaria peltata (TUPE)

Turbinaria radicalis (TURA)

Turbinaria reniformis (TURE)


Turbinaria stellulata (TUST)

Cladiella/Klyxum/Sinularia (SCLAD)

Gorgonian (G)


Sarcophyton (SSARC)

Soft coral (Xenia) (SCO)


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