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Dear all,

the Coral List is always great: thanks to all the people who helped 
locate the 1999 paper by Colwell, including those who advised on how to 
contact the author (Alex Brylske) or diectly contacted him for me (Judi 
Lowe). Bill Allison sent a link for the newsletter which I am copying 
here for those interested (it may always be good to know!): 

The paper has also been cited a few times in more recent works dealing 
with MPA management, including:

- Riedmiller 2003. Private sector investment in Marine Protected Areas - 
Experiences of the Chumbe Island Coral Park in Zanzibar/Tanzania. Vth 
World Parks Congress: Sustainable Finance Stream, September 2003 Durban, 
SA (communicated by Juergen Herler), 12 pp.
- de Groot & Bush 2010. The potential for dive tourism led 
enterpreneurial marine protected areas in Curacao. Marine Policy 24: 
1051-1059 (where I located the Colwell paper in the first place).

Again, thank you so much!

Martina Milanese, PhD

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