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Charles ...
I have been following this topic and want to offer that a far greater
threat to parrotfish populations in the Wider Caribbean is the continued
use of wire fish traps made of 1" mesh chicken wire that do not
discriminate for size.  Billy

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> Just to play devil's advocate, with advances in breath hold diving
> equipment and techniques, I would say that these spearfishermen can bag
> almost as many fish as someone on SCUBA. A far greater threat to large
> fish, particularly parrotfish in my opinion, is people spearing at night.
> Then it is a simple matter to bag a sleeping fish. Several countries have
> banned this form of spearfishing, and just recently Hawaii did so as well,
> but they were little late on this in my opinion.
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> Spearfishing on SCUBA should be prohibited in my opinion!  Fish stocks are
> already depleted; you shrink the gene pool by taking the large fish out of
> the population; when you miss, as a lot do, you end up hitting the reef and
> open a door for microbes to invade, and it is inherently dangerous.  Do we
> have to conquer every living thing on this planet along with the planet
> itself?  We are the most dangerous parasites ever created and now, we are
> seeing the consequences of our activities!  We should be ashamed, and I
> am!  Ever heard of cage hunting?  Machismo and ego need to go!  I look at
> these trophy hunters bragging about the dangerous animal hanging on their
> walls and how they overcame their fear and bagged it!  Yep, takes a lot of
> courage to kill an animal when you are armed with a canon on your back!
> Get over it, spearfishing om scuba is not fair to the animals being pursued
> and should be prohibited everywhere!
> Rudy S Bonn
> Marine Educator/Biologist
> Miami, Florida
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