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Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Tue May 20 15:19:44 EDT 2014

   Dear Pedro,
   While I agree with you and Doug on substance, I feel compelled to reiterate
   the point that Nicole made. Despite the lack of "scientific purity",  the
   Idsos, Heartland, the NIPCC (and the like) have been able to create and
   maintain the illusion that there is a level of moral equivalency to their
   argument.. Rather than looking at it as confounding the issue, Gene presents
   us with an opportunity to challenge that precept. Interestingly enough, more
   often  than not,  Gene's mischievous musing are met with reticence and
   quietude. The scientific community's preference to remain above the fray may
   reveal something about why the "solid science" side is constantly on the
   defensive. This may unfortunately have morphed (from a scientific) into a
   political/ideological debate, but there comes a time when it is necessary to
   engage and confront lest your silence be taken as concurrence.    Steve
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   >While I value discussions related to corals that go beyond science, I agree
   with Doug Fenner that posts whose aim or consequence is to mislead should
   not be part of what the list posts. Regarding specific posts that Doug
   mentions, articles published by lobbying groups with the sole intention of
   influencing policy, and which disregard the latest science, are touted as
   "peer-reviewed",  and given the same weight as articles based on solid
   science. Yes, yes.... even "solid science" is biased, the author of those
   posts will argue, because the authors selected the subject subjectively, and
   blah, blah, blah.... But the aim of coral-list is not to argue these points
   and confound the issues, for the sake of just arguing. People have better
   things to do.
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